Selling (& Buying) My Final Book

How do I market my book to sell?

Blossom makes it easy to market and sell your book! We start by offering a FREE marketing kit to all organizations who sign up with Blossom. Your free marketing kit includes a 30x60 banner, 20 posters to hang, and a complete yearbook guide.

To request a free marketing kit, please contact Blossom at [email protected], 1-800-893-8902, or live chat a design specialist.

How do I download marketing flyers?

You can download extra marketing flyers from within the book creation software by clicking on the "Marketing" link. The PDF flyers will automatically download to be printed and used by your organization.

How is my book price determined?

Pricing is determined by the cover type and amount of pages. If your page quantity increases or decreases at any time, your price will adjust accordingly. You can check your book price by using our online pricing calculator. If you have a custom book order, have negotiated a different price with a member of our team, or need to price match, please contact us at [email protected], 1-800-893-8902, or live chat any time.

How is my online ordering price determined?

You created your online ordering price (sell price to your organization's individuals) during book setup. If you need to edit your online sell price, you can choose the "Edit Book Details" options from the Dashboard. Make sure the price you sell your book at covers the cost of your book, so your organization doesn't end up footing the bill. If you think you may increase or decrease your page count or change book details, account for this when determining your sell price.

How can I use my book as a fundraiser?

When you create your book sell price, you can increase the sell price available to your organization's purchasers. Blossom will collect all payments. Anything received over and above your book total (invoice amount) will be returned to your organization in check form.

How can individuals (students, parents, etc.) order their book online?

You should direct all individuals to order their yearbooks online. They can either go directly to the order page, or visit our website at and click on the "Order" link in the top right corner. When on the Order page they can locate your school or organization by searching by name, address, or zip code, or with the Book Code provided in your Dashboard.

To market this ordering location, please use the online ordering flyers in the Marketing section of the software.

How can I view my online orders?

On the Dashboard, click the "Book Orders" tab. All online orders will populate in this section. The amount collected in online orders will automatically deduct from your organization's order total. You can also click to export all of the orders in this list for your use in money collection or book distribution.

Can I add cash or check orders?

Absolutely! Our Book Orders section was designed to manage all aspects of the ordering process. Feel free to add any cash or check orders to this section to help organize all of your incoming orders.

Please Note: Any of these orders will not deduct from your final amount, as payment has not been received by Blossom.

How can I change the number of books ordered?

On the Dashboard, click the "Book Orders" tab. Click on your organization book order and update the quantity to your final order amount.

How do I checkout?

When your book is complete and ready to print, click on the "Shopping Cart" icon on your Dashboard page. Verify your proof is print-ready, view your invoice total, and choose your payment method. Follow all steps to complete checkout.

If you have any questions, please contact Blossom at [email protected], 1-800-893-8902, or live chat a design specialist. View a video tutorial here.

How do I pay Blossom?

When checking out, you can choose to pay your remaining balance (minus online orders collected) with a credit card immediately. In addition, you can also request a paper or emailed invoice from Blossom. If you have any questions, please contact Blossom at [email protected], 1-800-893-8902, or live chat a design specialist.

Please Note: We will not ship your books until your payment is received in full!

I've checked out and realized my book needs a change!

Please contact Blossom at [email protected], 1-800-893-8902, or live chat a design specialist as soon as possible. We will be able to update your book until it starts being printed. At that point, it is too late to make any additional changes.

Please Note: If you request a proof or changes after checkout, this WILL DELAY your book production schedule and therefore will delay your delivery date.