Using the Editor

How do I add a background?

To add a background, choose a background from one of the pre-designed or uploaded backgrounds. Drag and drop the background to the left or right page.

How do I add a photo?

To add a photo, choose a photo from one of the photo categories to the right. Drag and drop the photo to the left or right page. Once a photo has been used within the book, an orange book icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the photo to make all users aware of its use. View a video tutorial here.

How do I add text to the book?

To add text to the book, click on the capital "T" on the top navigation bar and drag a text box to the editor. Once the text box is on the page, you can edit with the "Effects" bar on the right side of the screen. View a video tutorial here.

How do I move an image, adjust size, or add effects?

To add a photo effect, select the image on the book page. You can rotate or adjust the height and width by using the arrows around the photo itself. To change effects, look to the right under the "Effects" tab.

To move an object in front of or behind another object, choose "Bring Forward" or "Send Backward" under the "Effects" tab. The photo, clipart, or other object will adjust in position accordingly.

How do I delete an object?

To delete a photo, clip-art, background, or another object, hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard or select the trash can under the "Effects" tab.

My image, background, or text box won't move. Help!

Check the "Effects" tab on the far right. If the "Lock Element" box is checked, this will prevent the object from moving or having effects added to it. Simply uncheck the box.

To lock a photo, clipart, background, or another object, select "Lock Current Selection" under the "Effects" tab. This will prevent the object from being moved or altered in any way.

What are templates and layouts?

Templates: Pre-designed pages that you can add to the book easily to continue your theme or help get you started on a page. Templates include backgrounds, clip-art, photo placeholders and text that can be easily changed.

Layouts: Text and placeholder pages that allow you to organize your page without using any pre-determined themed clip-art or graphics.

How do I add templates or layouts to the book?

To add templates or layouts to your book, click on the "Templates or Layouts" button in the top navigation and select a themed page to add to your book. By selecting, the page will automatically refresh your book and replace any graphics or text currently on the page. View a video tutorial here.

What are mattes?

Mattes are square boxes that can be added to the book for backgrounds, image padding, and a variety of other uses. They can have any photo effect applied to them and are very versatile in designing.

Are there grid lines available?

Yes! Underneath the book, change the "Snap to Grid" function to the appropriate grid size needed. The grid will re-size based on the current zoom level.

What image filters are available for editing images?

More effects are being added all the time! We currently have the following effects available:

  • Black and White
  • Sepia
  • Invert
  • Blur
  • Sharpen
  • Emboss
  • Brightness
  • Noise
  • Tint

How do I preview my book before purchasing?

From the dashboard, choose the "Preview" tab to see a flipbook version of your book. You can also request a low-resolution PDF version of your book from your Design Specialist to print out and edit.

Can I get a hard copy proof of my yearbook?

Yes, please contact Blossom at [email protected], 1-800-893-8902, or live chat a design specialist to request a hard copy proof. Additional fees may be incurred.