How to Take Better Yearbook Photos

Feb 28th 2019

We all know that pictures are the memories that make yearbooks great. If you aren't a professional photographer, taking photos for your yearbooks or memory books can be intimidating. But we're here to help! Check out the yearbook photography tips below. 

Keep it Simple

Ask yourself the basic photography question: What am I photographing? Then move around and shoot your subject, looking to eliminate distracting background and surrounding elements. Think about framing, center of interest and angles. Yearbook photos should be about the people, so focus on the faces when possible.

Get Close

Again, ask yourself what is that you are photographing, and then move in–physically. Focus in on the element that is the most important or most interesting. The rule of thirds still applies to close up shots.

Be Aware of the Light

Light can be your best friend — or your worst enemy. Be aware of where the light source is and then use it to help you tell your story. Use apertureISO and shutter speed to create the perfect yearbook photo.

Capture Emotion

Look for the reaction to the action, the response to events to capture emotion. Don’t be afraid to photograph both the agony and the joy.

Tell the Entire Story

Show more than just the obvious of the event or the action on the field for your yearbook photos. Look for the story within the story–other details that supplement the main action. Look for things other attendees of the event or game may have missed. Include as many different people in your story-telling as possible.

Whether you have a point-and-shoot camera or the latest digital SLR, you can take great yearbook photos by following these general photography tips. And when you know HOW to take great yearbook photos, you’ll have a great eye in CHOOSING great photos for your yearbook spreads as well.